Acoustics – sound-absorbing office accessories

Flexibility is our strength – when it comes to sound absorption as well. Our products create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, whilst adding visual appeal to any workplace environment.

Wall and ceiling panels

Wall and ceiling panels not only make your office quieter, they also make it more decorative and attractive. They are sound-absorbent to DIN EN ISO 354 standard, and are also pleasing to the eye with their varied colours and shapes. Read more about acoustic ergonomics and how to contain noise sources in the workplace.



Table top screens

Our table top screens are outstandingly suited to all types of team workstation, for example our series iMOVE-C, GO2move, iSHAPE and TUNE. Each screen is covered with fabric and is sound-absorbent to DIN EN ISO 354 standard.

All table top screens are available in a range of colours and are also extremely practical. Depending on the model, we offer versatile accessories such as hooks, letter trays, pen holders, utensil trays or clamp lamps, which can be secured either via the integrated system rails or directly to the table top screen.