Flexibility, safety and order in the workplace: LEUWICO product components and technical components take care of it all.

System cabling

Depending on the model, our workstations contain various components to store and secure the different cables under the desk in an orderly manner. These include

  • Cable chain, cable snake
  • Cable duct
  • Cable clips
  • Cable channel
  • Cable bow
  • Plug panel and mounting



Desk top cabling

Cables don’t only require careful management underneath the workstation; our components also ensure order and safety on the desk top. Depending on the model, our desks include

  • Turnbox with E-Box (various models)
  • Powerdot mini (various models)
  • Cable duct
  • Cable outlets, various models/shapes, metal or plastic in a range of colours



Cable trays

Depending on the model, the cable tray comes as standard with your LEUWICO workstation. It ensures order and safe cable storage, and is available in closed or foldable versions. All our height-adjustable desks have also been designed to ensure that all the technology stays in place as the desk top is raised or lowered, and that the user enjoys unobstructed legroom.