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Chairs for control rooms

Working in the control room often entails remaining seated for long periods. Our matching chairs counteract tiredness and strain with maximum seating comfort and an air-conditioning function.

ULTIMATE 24/7 – air-conditioned chair

Our premium office chair with an ergonomic backrest and air-conditioning function.

An office chair perfectly designed for the demands of longer shifts. Our ULTIMATE 24/7 air-conditioned chair. It combines ergonomics and exceptional comfort like no other chair: an adjustable headrest, foldable armrests, adjustable seat depth, an ergonomic backrest with a generous angle of inclination and the air-conditioning function all contribute to making the ULTIMATE 24/7 a premium chair. Meaning that even longer shifts in the control room are no problem – and what’s more, the battery-powered heating and ventilation ensure maximum comfort regardless of the room temperature. Whether you opt for the standard version with black leather upholstery, or an individual configuration: this LEUWICO control room chair is a hard worker!