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Control room accessories

The tough functional demands placed on control room systems also apply to any accessories. At LEUWICO, you will find technical integration, lighting and sound absorption products to match our control room desks.



Lighting – the right light for your work.

A lighting arrangement that enhances your concentration and wellbeing is always the result of careful planning. Both the basic illumination of your control room and the local illumination of individual workstations are of key importance. A workstation light that is individually adjustable to its user ensures sufficient light for healthy working. Biodynamic lighting is the ideal solution. It brings the dynamic of natural daylight inside the building, and enhances the emotional and ergonomic aspects of light quality – ensuring complete concentration in demanding workplaces with little natural light in particular. A biologically effective light, equipped with PULSE VTL, continuously alters in brightness and colour in parallel with natural daylight.



Room acoustics – ingenious acoustics solutions for peaceful offices.

The acoustic effect of large office spaces and control rooms has a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of all staff. Acoustic partitions provide a simple and flexible way to divide up spaces: in this way, office spaces can be quickly adapted to changing requirements. Design elements with acoustic effect will also enhance your spaces. Our wide range of mobile partitions and wall and ceiling panels leaves nothing to be desired. Making your control room into a comfortable, modern environment conducive to pleasant and undisturbed working for everyone.



Valuables storage units – SCUBE cupboard system

SCUBE is a stable functional cupboard system with a wide variety of potential uses and an extremely diverse range of layout options. The series ranges from mobile sideboards at desk height to wardrobes and highly functional complete elements, such as our lockable valuables storage units with double doors. The width and height of the units can be extended easily at any time, and they can be combined with our SCUBE cupboard system to perfectly fit your office situation – in terms of both function and aesthetics. The colours and materials used for the SCUBE system coordinate precisely with those used for LEUWICO workstation systems.