Individual adjustment

No two people are alike. Knowing this, it is obvious that an individual adjustment of the chair and desk height is best.

Current standards require a desk height of 72 cm for office work stations. Standards like this are well and good to ensure that the minimum requirements for ergonomics are kept, but they are of little use for those among us who are a bit smaller or taller or whose body proportions do not correspond to the norm. As a consequence, many employees sitting at desks that are not adjusted to their needs have to deal with health problems on the long run.

There are a great many pieces of office furniture you can adjust.  Occupational physicians strongly recommend adjusting office chairs and desks to the body measurements of the individual.

Even those with average body proportions often sit or stand incorrectly at their workplace. And the consequences are dire: back pain and muscular tenseness.

But these problems are easy to avoid. It’s all a question of the right adjustment.

To adjust the desk and chair correctly, we recommend to precisely determine the perfect sitting position for each individual. This includes both the height and the inclination of the seat. The optimum desk height can be determined in a matter of minutes as well. For those among us who use a sit-stand desk, the same applies to the perfect tabletop height when standing upright.

Based on three anthropometric measurements, the work station can be perfectly adapted to individual body measurements.