Adjusting the desk height

Changing from a sitting to a standing position regularly and freely comes with a series of positive effects:

  • for one thing, it significantly relieves the circulation, muscles and spine and considerably reduces the well-known disadvantages of lack of movement that are especially problematic for those working at a computer most of the time.
  • For another, it improves the general physical well-being and thus the mental performance and power of concentration –
  • effectively preventing stress caused by permanent lack of exercise.


Study shows many advantages

The advantage of our sit-stand desk over other sit-stand concepts is that you can raise the entire tabletop, including the complete equipment (keyboard, monitor, documents, etc.), to standing height:

  • you can continue working as usual without any limitations to the range of activities and you can use the entire working surface.
  • A change in posture is possible any time and does not have to be ‘triggered’ by external influences.
  • You can move more freely when you are standing.
  • You can also set the sit-stand work station to different working heights when sitting.
  • Compared to a conventional work station with an extra solution for standing, the integrated sit-stand work station is more cost-efficient.