Height-adjustable desks

Switch your height-adjustable desk from sitting to standing position in less than one second!

LEUWICO makes the fastest height-adjustable desk: its H2 rapid adjustment is as straightforward as standing up – spontaneous and intuitive. Just like an office chair adjustment, the desk top is moved up or down by simply moving a single handle. In our experience, the quicker, easier and more convenient an adjustment is, the more frequently it will be used. So changing position at your desk from sitting to standing and vice versa becomes a natural part of your working day. The individual, continuous and dynamic H2 rapid adjustment meets your own particular needs. A generous adjustment range, from 54 cm to a maximum height of 130 cm depending on model, ensures you can start protecting your back from strain at work immediately – even if you are tall.

Vergleich Hoehenverstellbare Tische
H2 rapid adjustment
< 1 second
M2 motorised adjustment
+ 7 seconds
motorised adjustment
+ 15 seconds

Height-adjustable desks as the key to focused, healthy working.

Sitting down for long periods not only has a negative effect on the musculature and the spine; a poor working position also impacts on concentration and performance. A height-adjustable desk can help you to adapt your working position to your physical needs. It also encourages more movement in the office and actively prevents back problems.

From the H2 rapid adjustment to height-adjustable desks. You are guaranteed to find the right adjustment for you at LEUWICO. Read more here about our height-adjustable versions and compare your options.

Operation of height-adjustable desks with H2 rapid adjustment.

You can move LEUWICO desks with height adjustment from sitting to standing position and vice versa in less than one second. Our ingenious low-friction roller guides make the desk easy and smooth to adjust. The combination of gas spring and tension spring with additional weights also makes it possible to compensate for a varied loading of up to a total of 120 kg.

Our H2 rapid adjustment does not require an electrical connection! You can position your desk with H2 rapid adjustment anywhere, irrespective of your space or the location of your power sockets. And of course there is no need to undertake regular safety testing as required for motorised height-adjustable desks.

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Our manufacturing company – hand-crafted office furniture

Single pieces and series production

All our products are made in Wiesenfeld near Coburg. We combine traditional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and modern production facilities. From metalworkers through painters to joiners, all the trades work together at LEUWICO, literally around the same table. As a result of this collaboration, we can on the one hand produce individual pieces, and on the other, produce office furniture in large volumes. Whilst always striving to achieve the best possible quality, value and exclusivity.


Craftsmanship – we are all about the people, not just the machines.

After all, it is our employees who make LEUWICO’S high-quality hand-crafted products possible. Each of our pieces of furniture, and each of our technical innovations, expresses a little of the character of the people who give their best for us, day in, day out.

Our profound knowledge makes us experts.

As a furniture expert and technology pioneer, LEUWICO has constantly set new standards over the course of the company’s 100-year history – above all in the areas of ergonomics, technology and design. These new standards have even had an impact beyond the German borders. Our success is due not least to our family roots. As we were originally a traditional craftsman’s workshop, we have continued to nurture and hand down our specialist expertise through the generations. We wish to continue to do so, and so we still emphasise traditional production structures to this day, avoiding the use of assembly lines and robots, or the manufacture of mass-produced goods. We favour a combination of tradition and modernity, since for us, each production process is as much a matter of passion and of a craftsperson’s touch as of modern machinery and logistics. This is how we are able to produce both individual pieces and custom orders and also large volumes.

It’s no problem for us to cut wood to non-standard sizes and shapes to meet our customers’ special requirements. Our experts love the challenge of making unique items with particular specifications – for example in terms of surface characteristics – and they tackle it as a team. With our own in-house veneering department, we are furthermore able to create individual colours to match supplied samples. In our paint shop, we can produce hand-made unique items in concrete optic. The modern powder-coating facility used at LEUWICO also enables us to create any RAL colour you desire.

Our Product Development department is constantly seeking out, researching and testing new materials and surfaces and identifying new uses for them. The amazing material properties of quick-growing bamboo, for example, make it ideal for us in every respect, and so we have incorporated it across our range of materials, colours and surfaces.

Our in-house Design department develops technically sophisticated designs in conjunction with the Metalworking shop, satisfying virtually all the special requests made by our customers. 

Clear lines, harmonious colour concepts, attractive details and the careful integration of technology at every level – all these features distinguish our products and help us to achieve our aims of quality and exclusivity.

We are outstanding: certificates and inspection seals

All our certificates and seals are also available to download. To download, simply click on the respective certificate or seal.


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