LEUWICO – innovative for 94 years and counting

Established in 1923, the company’s activities have been focused on office workspaces since 1947. At first, the main target segment was the technical office, with drawing tables and plan filing systems. Based on the experiences with the adjustment mechanism of the drawing table, the school desk and school drawing table line of business was created, which accounted for a relevant share in sales for two decades and marked the beginning of the intensive exploration of work stations for the handicapped. It didn’t take long until the company’s focus shifted to computer work stations and, in the 70's and 80's, to CAD work stations in particular.

Today, the intensive exploration of ergonomics and the objective to create a flexible working environment tailored to the user has become the central corporate philosophy. In addition to its main revenue generator, CAD work stations, LEUWICO has become a pioneer of sit-stand solutions. Since the 70's, the company has been selling and promoting desks that are perfect for both sitting and standing postures. In the 90's, the office furniture portfolio was expanded by several new systems.

Around the year 2000, LEUWICO’s sales peaked. The company generated sales of more than EUR 25 million and had a work force of nearly 300 employees. In the years following, however, the demand for CAD work stations declined significantly. At the same time, sales strongly depended on large-scale projects, which gradually became rare under the constant pressure of the competition. The dwindling sales, combined with an inability to adapt the cost structure to the new situation, lead to a growing liquidity crisis, which culminated in the company’s bankruptcy in 2011.

Out of insolvency, the affiliated companies equma GmbH and MRO Beteiligungs GmbH with their CEOs G. Hemmerlein and Mattias Rothe took over business by means of an asset deal.

Furthermore, processes were updated and the product portfolio was revised. Now, the clear focus is on manufacturing sit-stand desks. This product feature has captured the entire market and what was once a niche product has become the gold standard. The manual height adjustment mechanism with weight balancing function has become a trademark and is still considered the highest functional standard there is. These days, LEUWICO products are without doubt the best on the office furniture market. 

Especially with the current product lines iMOVE F and C and with the iSCUBE storage space concept, LEUWICO has taken the crucial step to become a household name for premium design. Clear-cut lines, an outstanding profile, a harmonious colour scheme, well thought-out details, clever equipment integration on all levels – that’s what makes these systems so special.

As a flagship, the iMOVE-F line, which won several awards including the “Red Dot” design award and “Focus Open Silver”, shows a perfect symbiosis of ergonomics and design.

Apart from the current office furniture systems, the company also offers interesting niche solutions. The product portfolio ranges from dealer desks to a modular desk line for control stations and a series of special solutions, such as work stations for diagnostic systems or mobile viewing stations.

In Wiesenfeld near Coburg, all products are manufactured in-house with a high vertical range of manufacture in wood and metal processing.