At LEUWICO, we have been thinking about the current challenges facing the new world of work and reflecting on how we can support our customers and partners at the present time.

Hygiene stations – the clean solution.

The first step towards eliminating viruses and preventing the spread of Covid-19 is frequent handwashing and disinfecting. The high-quality materials employed by LEUWICO are capable of withstanding the manifold stresses of everyday use, without wearing out too rapidly. Bamboo not only possesses antibacterial properties, it also regrows quickly and is biodegradable. More amazing facts about bamboo: it is water-repellent, it does not become mouldy if treated correctly and it suppresses odours.

No office should be without this compact, clean solution at the moment. In large offices in particular, our hygiene station serves as a reminder to staff of the importance of practising good hygiene.
Hygiene station complete version (see fig. for similar): Basic version including mirror, wash basin, touch-free tap (Hans Grohe brand), disinfectant and paper dispenser. This complete version provides the greatest possible protection against contact with the virus.


Hygienic protection screens – successful collaboration requires communication.

Our Xeno double workstation with acrylic hygienic protection screen ensures that teams can work together and communicate safely and securely.

Hygieneschutzwand Xeno
Flexible table top screen for retrofitting to existing standard desks.

Our flexible table top screen is suitable for single, double or team workstations (with a side divider for team workstations). The screens can also be used to divide conference desks into separate sections. We can retrofit your existing standard desks with our acrylic hygienic protection screens quickly and easily, at minimal expense.

Our intelligent design consists of an acrylic sheet with mounting brackets made of flat, stable metal. The shape of the mounting bracket means that a recess can be used as a pass-through for the service advisor’s desk.

Hygieneschutzwand GO-2b
Flexible table top screen for retrofitting to existing standard desks.


smart & mobile – working from home

Anyone who needs to work in a really tight space will find our new compact, wheeled and height-adjustable “Mia” to be their perfect working partner. You can sit or stand at this space-saving and functional desk, and thanks to its wheeled design, you can work on your laptop in your favourite spot in your home. However, your small mobile assistant also makes an ideal office desk for everyday use.

Don’t want an enormous office chair taking up all the space in your home office? Then the light, delicate and comfortable Steifensand Original swivel chair is the perfect choice.

LEUWICO’s intelligent height-adjustable desks are also an elegant solution for the home. They prevent back strain and enhance cognitive capabilities.

Homeoffice Tisch Mia
Mia – small mobile assistant.