LEUWICO under the umbrella of the Vivonio group

The Vivonio group, who also owns Maja-Möbel in Kasendorf, Germany, acquired a share in the office furniture specialist LEUWICO. Mattias Rothe, CEO at LEUWICO, confirmed this yesterday.

Vivonio’s CEO Elmar Duffner explained: “The products of the renowned Coburg-based company are the perfect addition to our portfolio.” With the high-quality sit-stand desks, the group now gained a foothold in this fast-growing premium segment of the office furniture market. The future looks bright in Wiesenfeld. After the bankruptcy in 2011, Mattias Rothe and his colleague Georg Hemmerlein invested in the company and joined the active management. LEUWICO had 92 employees back then – now, the number has increased to well above 100. “LEUWICO is in a very good position,” says Mattias Rothe.

One thing is important for him: under the umbrella of the group, LEUWICO will still act as an independent company. The CEO refers to this as a “stand alone” status and naturally hopes for synergy effects from this strategic alliance. After having hired ten new employees in the last six months and knowing that Vivonio has his back, Rothe now wants to go on the offensive. Among other things, LEUWICO plans to revive a successful product in a modern edition. It will not come as a surprise that the product in question is a sit-stand desk. After all, this is the type of office furniture that made the Wiesendfeld-based company famous “even in faraway Australia”, as Rothe points out.