Height adjustable desk systems


Ergonomics and design: Excellent design, full standing-seat functionality and perfect technology integration combine in this complete system at a high level.


Ergonomics up to date: The fast standing-seat adjustment with a handle, the straight-lined shaping language and a noble material mix speak for this table system.


The project variant from the iMOVE family represents the entry-level model in the modern world of ergonomic work. Functionality paired with attractive surface selection.


Ergodynamic sit-stand table system with motorized height adjustment from 65 to 125 cm. Also as angled desk with extra large tabletops.


Ergodynamic sit-stand table system with motorized height adjustment, with an extra high adjustment range of 64 to 130 cm.


Ergodynamic sit-stand workstations: Height-adjustable table system in a wide variety of designs, shapes and function variants.


The entry level in the GO2 system: height-adjustable rectangular work tables with a convenient choice of materials and accessories.

Fixed height desk systems


A harmonious design, reduced in essence, and the choice of refined surfaces ensure the perfect appearance in exclusive executive rooms and conference rooms.


The modern table system convinces with its simple and clear form language, a visible design requirement and a high quality finish right down to the last detail.


The cost-conscious device - This system offers a high degree of flexibility for a contemporary device. Without compromising on design or functionality.


A modular Büromöbel system: Simple construction, with an extremely wide range of design variants, plate shapes, configuration and removal options.