Cable management

Usually, office work stations have at least one monitor and one computer. With the corresponding options and accessories, you can lay your cables from the power socket to the tabletop in the most practical and unobtrusive way.

For example, for a free-standing work station, you could do the following: guide the power cables from the floor to the cable trough through the cable chain / cable hose. There, you can install a connector strip to guide the power cable to the tabletop through a cable grommet.

To make room for your computer, screw a CPU holder to the tabletop and thread the cables for the monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. through the cable grommet into the cable trough.

For work stations with corpus furniture, you can guide the computer's power cables into the CPU compartment in the equipment container or lowboard through a cable grommet. Guide all the cables you need through an opening in the corpus furniture's top and up through the integrated cable chain. Then route them from the cable trough onto the tabletop through the cable grommet.

Furthermore, we recommend mounting the monitor on a monitor holder, which is fastened using the attachment hole in the tabletop. This way, you'll have more space on your table and can comfortably adjust the monitor’s position.


Choose from different cable troughs to manage the cables of your personal work space.



Small cable trough (type 1)

  • mounted in front of the horizontal beam for easy access
  • foldable, for comfortable organisation of the contents
  • inside, it can hold a connector strip to easily plug and unplug different cables and distribute them
  • it has 2 cable brackets to guide the cables, e.g. to the cable grommet, from where they can be routed to the tabletop
  • for all adjustment versions

In fixed-height and height-adjustable desks, the cables can also be routed through the horizontal beam.


In addition to the cable trough included with each of our conference tables, you can also integrate a turn box into the tabletop or add a or cable chute. Through the latter, you can guide any cables from under the tabletop up to your devices on the table. The turn box can be configured with different inserts for power supply, USB connection, etc. and thus provide comfortable connection possibilities for different types of equipment.