Ergonomics with a top design – variable and versatile.

The “C” line has C-shaped legs. The elegantly curved foot rail underlines the rectangular design of the columns. Quickly raise the desk to standing height with the ergodynamic manual adjustment mechanism within only a few seconds. With its numerous configuration possibilities, this system is a true jack-of-all-trades. Our designers have devised a clever cable management system and came up with a solution to integrate all technical components needed in modern offices without forgetting any detail. The container, caddy or lowboard offer storage space to keep things close at hand and their style is completely in line with the distinguished design.

A modern and subtle design, full ergodynamic sit-stand functionality and perfect integration of equipment – all combined in this high-end complete system.

The advantages at a glance

+ exclusive design for your management floor

+ H2 quick adjustment mechanism or motor adjustment

+ continuous height adjustment from 68 – 120 cm

+ integrated lowboards and equipment containers

+ first-class materials and surfaces

+ large variety of tabletop shapes

+ sit-stand angled and corner desks

+ frame available in any RAL colour

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Angled and corner desks with full functionality!


The iMOVE-C desk line includes height adjustable corner and angled desks. This way, you can rely on a series model for your individual furnishing solution. No matter whether you look for a 90° angled desk, free-form table or desk with meeting table extension – you get perfect height adjustment unparalleled in low noise level, speed and operating comfort. 

H2 manual quick adjustment mechanism

Raise your table to a standing position – in only a second! Our H2 adjustment with weight compensation is unique in terms of speed and ease of use.

Standing up and adjusting the tabletop only takes a second. Trigger the release mechanism and raise or lower the tabletop. Let go of the mechanism to lock the tabletop at any height you want to work at. The H2 adjustment is absolutely silent and does not need any electricity. No mandatory inspections as for tables with motor adjustment. The table’s mechanical parts are completely maintenance-free, lockable in any position and have a static load-bearing capacity of up to 120 kg.

Direct speed comparison:

+ H2 manual adjustment for a height difference of 500 mm: < 1 s

+ motor adjustment for a height difference of 500 mm: approx. 7 s


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Motor adjustment

Extremely quick and silent. The LEUWICO motor adjustment is available in different configurations – from a plain height adjustment control to a more elaborate option with height indicator and memory function.

The LEUWICO motor adjustment was specially developed for the iMOVE and GO² systems and is one of the fastest in the industry. With an adjustment speed of 70 mm/s, it clearly beats other tables on the market. The motor is produced by a German supplier and was exclusively modified for LEUWICO. With a noise level of only 55 dba, it is remarkably silent. The technology is sophisticated and in use by the thousands.

Direct speed comparison:

+ LEUWICO motor adjustment: 70 mm/s

+ Market average: approx. 45 mm/s

Lowboard and equipment container

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The equipment container and lowboard provide storage space to keep things close at hand and allow you to integrate your equipment perfectly into your work station.

The cable grommet, cable duct and cable chain are only some of the elaborate solutions for technical components that help you keep your desk neat and organised. Store your technological equipment directly in the lowboard or equipment container for a clean and tidy work space. Customise the storage space provided by the lowboard with different drawers, pull-out compartment and doors.

Sublime surfaces and materials

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Our premium sit-stand desks impress with first-class materials and sublime surfaces.

Our tabletops with hard-wearing melamine coating or extravagant Zebrano real wood veneer fuse with the straight side structure to form a highlight that perfectly blends into your interior design. If you want to add a touch of the extraordinary to your office, our bamboo tabletops are the go-to option. They combine ergonomics and design with sustainability. The bamboo’s fresh look is both noble and self-effacing. The sides and the column have a high-quality powder coating finish. Choose any RAL colour you want on request! Mirror-finish chrome plated sides give your office an especially sophisticated look and feel.

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