Adjustment mechanisms


H2 MANUAL QUICK ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM for work stations from 70 to 120 cm

This system features a sit-stand height adjustment mechanism: use the manual release lever to raise or lower the tabletop. Within seconds, the desk will be at the optimum working height for the current user.

M1, M2 MOTOR ADJUSTMENT for work stations from 70 to 120 cm

This system features an electrical adjustment mechanism. Use the controls to raise or lower the tabletop.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT for work stations, from 70 to 90 cm

With this system, you can adjust the desk to the perfect height for its user.



H2 MANUAL QUICK ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM - with weight balancing function to adjust to variable loads on the table

  • choose from 3 different weight classes depending on the expected load on the desk: 0 - 40, 20 - 60, or 40 - 80 kg
  • fine-tune the table's mechanism to be able to comfortably adjust the height within the chosen weight class
  • infinitely variable locking positions within the desk’s adjustment range, load-bearing capacity of up to 120 kg


  • silent electric motor integrated into the frame
  • Adjustment speed: approx. 70 mm/s
  • Noise < 55 dBA
  • by default, the desk is configured for a load of 0 - 75 kg and is optionally available for a load of 40 - 115 kg. Stay within the chosen load range. Otherwise, the adjustment mechanism might not work properly
  • SoftStart, SoftStop: smooth adjustment and stopping
  • SafetyStop: if the desk hits an obstacle during height adjustment, it stops and moves back a few cm
  • Up/down key for height adjustment, pull-out control element


  • This version features a digital height indicator and 4 memory positions to save individual working heights as well as a pull-out control element


  • A bolt lets you adjust the desk height from 65 to 85 cm in steps of 1 cm without tools. The desk can then carry up to 120 kg.