iONE – clear forms and noble design

The iONE system is clearly focused on design and reduced to the essentials. With distinct architectural shapes, it effectively puts the spotlight on the interplay between furniture and space. The desk reinvents its archetypal form, a tabletop with four feet, to suit prestigious executive offices and elite conference rooms. With the balanced proportions of its few basic shapes and its noble surface options, the iONE work station is the key element that brings peace and harmony into the design of any room. Be it noble natural wood surfaces combined with mirror-finish chrome plating or the new cool crystal white simplicity: iONE is everything you'd expect from a great desk in a nutshell. The large tabletops are available in sizes up to 120 x 240 cm and bring out the rich play of colour and structures of noble fine wood. Different reasonable tabletop sizes and installation options make trendy configurations possible, for example work stations with integrated sideboard.