Bamboo – natural beauty in the office

The natural beauty of bamboo impresses in all aspects. Combined with other materials, it adds an air of breeziness to interior design – for an appealing office atmosphere. However, the visual extravagance of bamboo is not its only remarkable feature. The fast-growing grass can be harvested after 5 to 6 years already, making it a poster child for sustainability.

Moreover, bamboo is harder than German types of wood – resulting in absolutely noble and hard-wearing surfaces that are extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Amazing material properties

  • high compressive and tensile strength
  • hard and durable
  • stable and hard wearing
  • high elasticity
  • lightweight
  • high dimensional stability
  • does not lose its beautiful, aesthetic and natural colour over time
  • antistatic
  • supports health and well-being