Office swivel chairs

Fa. Klöber


The all-rounder with a clear design and perfect workmanship.

  • Office swivel chair or executive chair
  • Fully upholstered or mesh backrest
  • Chair back with automatic return mechanism for dynamic seating
  • Seat moves in three dimensions to support the natural impulse to move
  • Red Dot 2020 award winner
Fa. Klöber


Combines elegance and innovative technology.

  • Office swivel chair, for use as an executive chair or in the management area
  • Dynamic seating supports the natural impulse to move
  • Style = high-gloss backrest shell, Perfect = silk matt backrest shell
  • Maximum seating comfort
  • Maximum loading capacity
  • 24 hours + air conditioning technology (heating and ventilation)
  • Multi-award-winning


Fa. Klöber


A sturdy office chair featuring all the functions and adjustment options you have come to expect in a quality swivel seat.

  • Office swivel chair
  • Five backrest styles; choose from fully upholstered, plastic shell, mesh back or a combination as preferred
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be adapted quickly to different users
  • Quality ergonomic design and shaping
  • Available as an NPR (Netherlands standard specifying a greater adjustment range than the DIN standard) model for especially tall users
  • With air conditioning technology (heating and ventilation)
Fa. Klöber


An extremely comfortable classic.

  • Office swivel chair for discerning users
  • Backrest made of three-dimensional malleable mesh for dynamic support, with thin upholstered overlay if desired
  • With pocket-sprung core or celligence® system if desired
  • Optimum ergonomic comfort
  • Intuitive operation and adaptable
  • Available as a 24-hour chair
  • Available as an NPS model for especially tall users
Fa. Klöber


Relaxed seating with a slender silhouette.

  • Executive chair or office swivel chair
  • DLX® Duo-Latex upholstery produces a slim silhouette
  • Curvature in the backrest relieves strain on the spine
  • Red Dot 2005 award winner
Fa. Flokk

HÅG Capisco 8106

A design icon – especially recommended for height-adjustable workstations.

  • Office swivel chair
  • The in Balance® mechanism permits users to tilt the seat backwards continuously (lockable)
  • Height-adjustable saddle seat – from low to raised to standing working position
  • Comfortable and balanced seating that still permits free movement
  • Supports the natural need to move
  • Seat depth and backrest height are individually adaptable
F.-Martin Steifensand Büromöbel GmbH


The backrest is the heart of the MONICO and is available in many versions

  • Office swivel chair
  • Fully upholstered or mesh backrest
  • Available with a variety of mechanisms
  • Red Dot 2016 award winner
fm Büromöbel GmbH

NetGo Netzrücken

Futuristic design and functionality

  • Office swivel chair
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Seat incline function