height-adjustable control room desk

Setting new standards for ergonomic working in the control room.

Ergonomics and functionality designed for complex professional requirements, with careful thought down to the tiniest details: we created the ultimate2 control room desk to meet this need. The working level hovers on a stable, maintenance-free lifting column system, which permits the secure and vibration-free distribution of loads of up to 250 kg. Equipped with our motorised height adjustment with a range of 65–130 cm, this control centre also functions as a workstation with optimal ergonomics, since smooth and secure upward and downward movement is a given. The aluminium monitor rail, adjustable in both height and depth, and the integration of all the necessary technical components in our technical pedestal, which can be maintained easily even during operation, round off this perfect control room system. The ultimate2 is designed with functionality and the needs of the user in mind. Create your own individually configured LEUWICO control room desk for ergonomic working around the clock!

  • Motorised height adjustment (adjustment range 65–130 cm)
  • Memory function with height display and two memory positions (M2)
  • Loading: 0–250 kg
  • Desk top with removable insert incl. cable rake and brush strip, prepared for monitor rail (fixed, height-adjustable, depth-adjustable or height- and depth-adjustable)

Technology and dimensions – for the ultimate2

square uprights – aluminium rail

Desk height

65–130 cm, electric motor M2

Adjustment types

Loading capacity

load capacity up to 250 kg

Desk widths and desk top shapes

– depths 100, 110, 120 cm
– widths 160, 200, 240, 280, 300 cm

Materials and colours for frame & fixtures

Frame, steel
– powder-coated in a range of colours

– powder-coated in white, silver, black

Desk top with integrated wooden inserts incl. brush strip and drill holes for monitor rail with covers

Desk top material, strength and surfaces

25 mm multiplex with softforming edge
– tough melamine resin coating (HPL/CPL) in a variety of colours


The cables run from the desk top through the integrated wooden inserts into the foldable cable tray or into the pedestal which travels with the work top. The cables are guided from the rail into the foldable cable tray or pedestal using cable chains. The removable flat inserts ensure tidy cabling.

It’s your choice:

– foldable cable tray
– travelling technical pedestal
– fixed technical pedestal

System expansions & accessories

fixed rail
height-adjustable rail
depth-adjustable rail
height- and depth-adjustable rail
LCD bracket
dimmable LED lights
CPU bracket
19″ racks
custom-made desk superstructures

We sell our control centre furniture via a network of authorised partners and directly from our headquarters in Wiesenfeld. View model control room workstations and examples of our installations near you.


LEUWICO stands for individuality and maximum functionality. As a premium manufacturer of ergonomic control room furniture, we are your one-stop shop: precisely coordinated workstations, designed with careful thought down to the tiniest detail, to meet the individual needs of their users. Discover the potential of our precision furniture:

iMOVE-F Lounge-Beimoebel

Perforated board back wall

Foldable cable tray

accessible from above and front


iMOVE-F Lounge-Beimoebel

Fixed technical substructure

accessible from above and front

iMOVE-F Lounge-Beimoebel

Moved by the technical substructure

accessible from above, the front and behind