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Case studies about our exclusive office furniture and satisfied customers

At LEUWICO, we make it our business to implement our customers’ ideas and requirements optimally through a shared creative process. Whether the customer is furnishing a large work space, a small agency, an executive office or requires exclusive custom items – our draughtspeople and designers work closely with them to develop well-thought-out office solutions which will stand the test of time.

Due to our high level of vertical integration – we have our own metalworking shop, woodworking department, coating and varnishing sections – we can also meet particularly unusual requirements and are able to provide a complete service. Take a look at our testimonials.


Tenowo GmbH, textile manufacturer:

The head office of the international textile manufacturer Tenowo, a subsidiary of HoftexGroup AG, is located in a former factory building on the company’s main site in the town of Hof.
The customer’s objective was to bring all the company departments together in a future-oriented office environment, in order to create the best possible working conditions for development, sales and administrative staff. TENOWO GmbH, LEUWICO, fickenscher architektur+ and our specialist retail partner, Schäfer Büromöbel GmbH were brought together by the customer’s search for robust office furniture which united ergonomics aspects and design. . The discreet elegance of our iMOVE-F desk, which has won design awards, satisfied these requirements at every level.

Download Tenowo case stud (PDF)

Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft BayBG:

BayBG, with its headquarters in Munich’s Königinstrasse, presents a glorious art nouveau façade to the front, attractively contrasting with the ultra-modern architecture facing the small park to the rear.
The furnishings were therefore intended to form a creative connection between the historic original building and the modern spaces in the new building. The occupier also wished to make use of elegant and minimalistic continuously height-adjustable sit-stand workstations. They intended to place these freely around the rooms to reduce the proportion of furniture units standing against the walls to a bare minimum. They also wished to restrict the amount of computing technology on visible display. Our iMOVE-F with integrated sideboard was the answer here; the sideboard size and layout was varied for different rooms.

Download BayBG case study (PDF)


Beetz Bauelemente GmbH:

For the headquarters of Beetz Bauelemente GmbH in Wallenfels, owner Andreas Beetz was looking for high-class equipment for every office, without disregarding considerations of health or the environment: “Healthy, happy employees are the key to long-term success.”
For the furnishings, the customer was looking for a regional manufacturer offering a wide range as well as individual custom-made furniture. So he chose us. He was in good hands at LEUWICO with his individual requirements in terms of design, functionality and sustainability. The clear lines of iMOVE-F and iMOVE-C, combined with our iSCUBE storage range, were exactly what he had in mind, creating a high-class modern interior in white and silver. This project also made use of bamboo: this rapidly-regrowing member of the grass family is a model of sustainability. It is harder than domestic woods as well – producing beautiful and durable surfaces that are easy to clean.
The complete sit-stand functionality of all our desks and conference tables more than meets the customer’s requirement for ergonomic working. Our H2 rapid adjustment allows employees to change position frequently, for the best possible protection against postural injuries.

Download Beetz case study (PDF)


Beetz Bauelemente GmbH:

The counter area at Beetz Bauelemente GmbH has also been furnished in bamboo, together with other materials, creating an exceptional and inviting interior.
The standalone counter in the entrance area unites elegant, modern design with sustainability.

The reception counter is the first piece of office furniture that the customers of Beetz Bauelemente GmbH will see. It is responsible for their first impressions of the company. So it was all the more important for the owner that this moment should be perfect.

Our aims were to reflect the prestige of the company, and to ensure that the reception counter blended harmoniously with the room. The Beetz Bauelemente GmbH reception counter represents the company, resplendent in the colour theme used throughout the office and using the firm’s own corporate design – custom-made by LEUWICO.

Bad Rodach municipal utility company:

The sales office and customer services office of the municipal utility company of Bad Rodach, located in the district of Coburg in Upper Franconia, are based in the centre of this idyllic small town. In the course of a long-overdue renovation and restructuring of the office spaces, works manager C. Koropecki decided to redesign the reception area to improve its fitness for purpose.

For the redesign, he sought a manufacturer offering individual custom furniture and found it right on his doorstep in the form of our company, LEUWICO office furniture manufacturers.

The objective of the commission was to design an inviting reception counter for customers and suppliers, which simultaneously constituted a focal point uniting all the utility company departments, whilst also providing optimum working conditions for the utility company staff. Mindful of the layout of the premises, the walking routes followed by the staff and the lighting conditions, we created an area at the front of the building in immediate proximity to the offices which serves to welcome visitors and which combines ergonomic aspects and design considerations.



KAESER KOMPRESSOREN offers products, services and complete systems for compressed air supply to production and work processes. The company was founded in Coburg in 1919, and now has branches in over 140 countries around the world.

At the Coburg site of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Logistik GmbH, a control room with three workstations was needed for internal company logistics monitoring. Each employee required an individually adjustable workstation with an arc-shaped rail to which monitors would be secured, a height-adjustable desk with an optimum adjustment range of 65–130 cm, an integrated, lockable storage unit and an additional locker. The customer also wished to install acoustic walls to reduce the noise level during telephone calls.

An additional monitor wall visible to all staff was produced by LEUWICO as a custom-made item.

We sell our control centre furniture via a network of authorised partners and directly from our headquarters in Wiesenfeld. View model control room workstations and examples of our installations near you.

Die SPO beach monitoring station

The Tourist Office in St. Peter Ording had erected a new steel construction, since the old lookout station was located too close to the water’s edge and was subject to regular flooding. Our task was to design a control centre for the 12-kilometre long stretch of beach to enable those monitoring all the bathing areas to stay in contact with each other.

The control centre manages bathing activity and beach safety, deals with the rescue services and incidents and provides first aid. The challenge for us was to exploit the space available for the control centre as effectively as possible, whilst simultaneously ensuring excellent all-round visibility. This project once again demonstrated our prowess in the field of custom furniture production.

Mr Friedrich, director of the monitoring station, contributed his long years of experience to the implementation of the project, meaning that we could jointly arrive at a space-saving design solution which met exacting technical standards. The building also houses the DLRG (German Lifesaving Association) lifeguards and the beach chair rental office. These areas were also fitted out with LEUWICO furniture.