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Leuwico Produkt Spineb
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... für mehr Ruhe und Konzentration.
... der multifunktionale Doppelarbeitsplatz.

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... mobiler Stauraum an jeden Arbeitsplatz.

Welcome to LEUWICO GmbH in Wiesenfeld


Our office furniture company is one of the premium manufacturers of ergonomic workstations. We have been developing and producing high-quality furniture which meets the highest standards of functionality, design and aesthetics for almost 100 years. We are proud of our high expectations! Our values are shared not only by our staff, but also by our suppliers and partners. Together, we aspire to create superior workplace furniture which offers excellent value for money while also boasting exceptional durability and sustainability.

Our trademarks: height-adjustability and functionality

Many of the products supplied by LEUWICO are equipped with our patented manual rapid adjustment system or a motorised height adjustment system. So you can transform a static room into an ergonomic office in the blink of an eye. Developed with our passion for giving shape to quality, our office furniture guarantees improved flexibility and enhanced wellbeing at the workstation.

From a single ergonomic desk to a complete office range

Our attractively styled and highly functional office furniture will meet your requirements perfectly. At LEUWICO, you will find everything from a sophisticated desk for the management floor to a multifunctional group workstation or an ergonomic children’s desk. As well as everything else in between, of course. Each product is available as a single unit or as part of a range. We devote our utmost attention to each piece of furniture during the creation process. Not for nothing is our factory well known for developing workstations that are perfect down to their tiniest details.