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Our Executive Spaces range of furniture is designed for the discerning executive, who doesnʼt want to compromise on either comfort or style. Designed and built to the customerʼs specifications, this furniture combines unsurpassed elegance with innovative but unobtrusive technology. The height-adjustable desk provides a comfortable working space for dedicated and creative individuals, even when the days are long.

In these versatile spaces, executives can work undisturbed or invite clients or customers to a comfortable and spacious meeting place. Finished to a high standard, the furniture is made from premium materials, tailored to meet your needs and preferences. 

Built to meet the expectations of CEOs, directors, executives, and executive assistants, nothing is left to chance. From the sophisticated aesthetic to the refined finish by master craftspersons, and the innovative technology – this range is made to impress.

For the executive suite, height-adjustable desks that enable working in sitting or standing positions must be easy and smooth to move – and without compromising on design or aesthetics. The Executive Spaces desks have been awarded the Red Dot Award for design. High01 can be raised or lowered easily with our innovative manual height adjustment, while iMOVE F is also available with electric adjustment technology – and even with a memory feature and electronic display.


When hightech meets traditional craftmanship

Work with our team to design your unique high01, choosing from our extensive range of desktops and finishes, such as linoleum, multiplex, and premium real wood veneer. Use as a stand-alone desk or complete the look with coordinating furniture. The high01 is a single-column desk that is available either as an individual desk or as a dual desk to provide premium spaces for management teams. It can be fitted with the latest technology, for example, the E-Box, a streamlined charging unit that opens to reveal electric and USB charging points and a network socket. The E-Box is wired internally in the column so that nothing distracts from the sleek design of the high01. 

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Incredibly durable technical components with almost no plastic parts and German precision engineering
ensures that the desk requires minimal servicing and continues to run smoothly.

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Design your masterpiece
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Award-winning functional design

A stylish desk with hidden talents. At first glance, a high-end designer workspace, but a closer look reveals the iMOVE F is so much more. The lightest touch adjusts the sit-stand desk to suit your preferences – using either
motorized adjustment or by hand with the unique LEUWICO H2 Swift Adjustment.

The versatile iMOVE F desks are available in a range of finishes, including top-quality real wood veneers, and boast frames in various finishes to suit your tastes. The range is extended with coordinating furniture, such as drawer units, sideboards, and lounge seating.

With its smooth surfaces and high-quality fittings, the iMOVE F desk doesnʼt just feel luxurious, it is also a technical masterpiece with an ingenious lift mechanism. 

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Available in various sizes and configurations, the desk can be fitted with accessories, such as cable management systems, and openings for extensions or lights – depending on your technical requirements. Not to forget, the clever options for hiding CPUs and other necessary technical equipment in a Lowboard or a tech container that won the Red Dot Design Award.

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From sitting to standing in one second
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Furnish your office in style with furniture that perfectly matches our table programs. High-quality and inviting office lounge furniture that suits your aesthetic, whether as a meeting zone in the executive office or an elegant waiting area in the lobby.

Quick adjustment - changing position is as easy as standing up

Ergonomics has long been central to the LEUWICO philosophy, with our motto ʻEvery person is uniqueʼ guiding our quest to provide our customers with a workspace that suits them perfectly.




An award-winning desk series for stylish office.

Finished to a high standard, the furniture is made from premium materials, tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

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Furnish your office in style with our coordinating furniture, including sideboards and cabinets from the iSCUBE series, different conference tables, closets, or lounge seating areas.

Experience our

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Take a stroll through our bright and airy virtual showroom to see activity-based working in a real-life setting.

Find out how LEUWICO furniture fits in every design style – from brutalist concrete spaces to mirror and steel design palaces, and even in traditional, wood-paneled sanctuaries.


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