24/7 Comfort

When you are working around the clock, you donʼt want to be worrying about your surroundings.
You just need it to work. So that you can.

Holistic solutions

Our ergonomic, adjustable workstations provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for control room and
emergency call center employees, with a range of styles to suit every budget and technical requirement.

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New standards in control console ergonomics

From the moment you take your place at the ULTIMATE 2 control console, youʼll feel at home. The console glides smoothly and quietly between sit and stand working positions to help prevent backache and ensure
operators stay focused. The memory function adjusts the console to the user in seconds to a preset table height
and railing height and/or depth. Keep a tidy workspace with a structured cable management system that also protect your cables from accidental damage.


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Choose between fixed or mobile underdesk tech storage, and a rectangular or ergonomic work surface. We can manufacture the work surface in one piece to a length of 3,4 m. The vibration-free lifting column system can be serviced while the console is operation and supports a weight load of up to 250 kg.

The control room desk ULTIMATE 2 is available in a range of colors and styles to suit any setting.

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Modular adaptability

A sit-stand console developed specifically for VDU workstations in 24/7 use, the XT Plus is our most adaptable control console. Flexible set up due to the modular design and clever base frame construction, enables single, row, or back-to-back control room desks - and even curved, angular, and corner workstations. The base frame provides space for all technical components without limiting legroom for the user. Easy access to the technical equipment ensures that maintenance work can be carried out during operation.

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Enable a quick and smooth transition between operators with the motorized height adjustment. Further adaptations to suit changeable requirements are possible due to integrated cable outlets, cutouts for the monitor railing, and a vertical cable management system. Developed in close cooperation with our customers, the XT Plus adapts perfectly to your requirements. 

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Quick adjustment - changing position is as easy as standing up

Ergonomics has long been central to the LEUWICO philosophy, with our motto ʻEvery person is uniqueʼ guiding our quest to provide our customers with a workspace that suits them perfectly.


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Furnish your entire office in style with coordinating products, including filing cabinets, pedestals, conference tables, lockers, and even a reception desk. We can also advise on the choice of desk chairs and other seating arrangements to suit your requirements.

Due to our custom design service, we can adapt all our products to your individual needs. Whether you want to integrate a loudspeaker, specific lighting, or even a signal light, we can make it happen.


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Ergonomic working doesnʼt end with the choice of a control console. Lighting and acoustics play an important role in creating workspaces that promote health and wellbeing. Adaptable LED lighting with a dynamic dimmer and warm or cold white settings enable users to concentrate on their work.

The rear panel of the workstation improves the acoustics, conceals wiring to the monitor railing, and stops distracting light from shining through between monitors. 


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When you are working around the clock, you donʼt want to be worrying about your surroundings. You just need it to work. So that you can.

You can count on our workstations. With a century of experience building furniture, combined with decades of building technical workstations, we know what is important to you. Ergonomic, adjustable, reliable, flexible, and sustainable – our workstations work for you.

Experience our

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Take a stroll through our bright and airy virtual showroom to see activity-based working in a real-life setting.

Find out how LEUWICO furniture fits in every design style – from brutalist concrete spaces to mirror and steel design palaces, and even in traditional, wood-paneled sanctuaries.

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