Our holistic and customizable communication zones are designed to get people together.



The activity determines the choice of communication zone. The social hub - a meeting place for brainstorming, informal meetings, networking, workshops, and even for taking a break with colleagues.

Team workspaces for meetings, collaborations, workshops, and, of course, celebrations. Formal meeting rooms or casual lounge areas – depending on the task at hand, you can choose which work zone is best.

Gather around a sit-stand counter for a dynamic scrum meeting, or relax in the lounge or kitchen area to throw creative ideas around. Greet visitors at the reception desk and provide space for them to wait for their appointment.

Maybe you need to loop in remote workers, or external partners via video conference, or deliver a video address to an international workforce. An enclosed workspace with multimedia connections is the right choice.


Our extensive range of conference tables provides the optimal solution for your needs. For use in a separate meeting room, or as an additional communication zone in an executive office.

Impress clients with professional presentations, with no tangled or dangling wires. Or invite project teams to collaborate or brainstorm ideas using tools, such as whiteboards and projectors.

You can even loop in your remote working colleagues or external partners with an integrated speakerphone. Large tables provide space for creative projects.

Communication = Movement

Not just movement pushing your company towards success, but actual movement – with our ergonomic height-adjustable tables. Stay active and alert even during long meetings. 

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Modular conference tables
with customised table formations
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You donʼt need a conference room to discuss work with colleagues. Sometimes an informal chat in the kitchen or a hallway discussion can produce excellent results. Create spaces for these quick meetings around the office.

Our compact range of meeting tables fit anywhere. For more intimate meetings with a smaller group, or a quick break-out from a larger meeting. Ideal as co-working spaces or hotdesking.

Height-adjustable or with castors, so you can move them where you need them, our tables are available in a range of styles and designs to suit your space.

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Create meeting areas


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Quality you can rely on - our products are manufactured almost entirely in our German factory.



A sustainable workplace is designed with replaceable and recyclable parts, and durable and sustainable raw materials, and manufactured with an optimized production process.



Keep moving at work and prevent back pain - with our patented manual quick adjustment.


Your company is agile, but is your furniture? Get a team together for a scrum meeting, ask a colleague from another department to join you quickly. Adaptable office furniture supports agile working. Arrange the communication space to suit the size of the team and the work to be done.

The multibox can be used in so many scenarios. A colleague pops into the office to ask a question. You pull up the information on your computer and they pull up a cushioned multibox and take a seat. Or use one to store product samples or as an extra table.

Your versatile helper in any situation. Scrum, brainstorming, vertical workspace. The MUFO can be used to separate two work zones, providing privacy and improving the acoustics in the room. Or prepare a mood board, using the whiteboard to display tactile materials, in your office and wheel it into the meeting zone.

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It's always useful when office space can be temporarily adapted to suit multiple purposes, e.g., for project teams, for a workshop, for a longer meeting, or for a training session. This is possible if the furniture can be easily adapted or rearranged according to the current needs.

Small to large groups can come together to work at mobile conference tables. Team members can push tables on wheels together to form clusters, around which discussions can take place. Storage furniture provides space for stationery, files, or personal items.

Roll your furniture to the spot that works best for you. Adaptable, functional, and ergonomics at any time, in any place.

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Help to relax
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Our lounge range - a comfortable space to relax, or a quiet space to work – you decide. Sink into the comfort of the high-backed couch to take a break from a busy day, chat with colleagues or partners in a relaxed environment, or make a quick phone call. 

The DINER is a separate quiet space, made with selected materials for optimal acoustics during informal meetings, lunch breaks, or as a waiting area. It provides charging and internet connecting points for your laptop so you can work in a comfortable space. The professional and inviting lounge range is quite at home in the lobby or in an executive office. Matching tables complete the look. 

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flexibles arbeiten diner

The office kitchen - a place to take a break, clear your head, relax, or perhaps chat with friends and colleagues. It can also provide an opportunity for new employees to meet people who work in other departments, and can encourage interdepartmental communication.

In the cafeteria, you can relax and enjoy a meal or a drink at one of the bistro tables. The surrounding plants and cleverly positioned acoustic elements provide a pleasant atmosphere and help you unwind. This versatile area can be used for informal meetings or chats with customers, and can be extended with mobile work zones.

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encourage interdepartmental


We deliver holistic solutions
Furnish your (home) office in style with perfectly coordinated furniture. Mobile pedestals store stationery or your most needed files right next to your desk. If you need more space, choose from our range of matching shelving and filing units, which can be locked for storing confidential documents.

We can also provide professional lighting and acoustic solutions for regular online video meetings or to enable conference or webinar streaming from home. 

teamablage ablageflaeche kommunikationsbereich
icounter empfangstheke


Impress your visitors from the moment they step into your office with an iCOUNTER reception desk. Available in any size or style to suit your space and CI, and can be customized with your logo. Provide storage space for guests with a clothes rack and umbrella stand. The hygiene screens and sterilisation stations keep you and your visitors safe.

Whether as a reception counter or info point in your offices, the size and design of the counters can be customised to suit the surroundings. Designed to simplify the life of the employees who work behind it. The iCOUNTER can be fitted with additional features such as an additional shelf or filing trays to facilitate the exchange of documents between colleagues and tidily store brochures and forms. 

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Available customised to
your CI and logo
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Take a stroll through our bright and airy virtual showroom to see activity-based working in a real-life setting.

Find out how LEUWICO furniture fits in every design style – from brutalist concrete spaces to mirror and steel design palaces, and even in traditional, wood-paneled sanctuaries.

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