You might be working remotely, but your team is just a video call away.

Flexible solutions for home, co-working and the office


You might be working remotely, but your team is just a video call away – and your workspace should be just as comfortable as your office space.

Remote working can mean working from home, but it can also be the provision of workspaces for visiting business partners or external consultants. 

Working from home, doesnʼt mean you canʼt work comfortably, with an ergonomic sit-stand desk. Choose from various options, from a compact desk for a small home office to a larger console with multiple monitors.

Provide workspaces for those visiting your company – perhaps a sitting area or a sitstand counter in the foyer.


Move between home office and shared office with ease

Whether your home office is a high-end office suite in a separate room or a space-saving solution in the corner of your dining room, you need a comfortable and practical space to help you do your best work. Invest possible company home office subsidies in quality furniture that is made to last and protects your health.

When your office is within your own four walls, you donʼt want it to look cluttered or untidy. Our furniture helps you stay organized with cable management systems to hide unsightly wires, desks with keyboard trays, and coordinating storage units for documents and work products. Mobile pedestals and other storage options - from the SCUBE furniture series or the lowboards of the iMOVE series - are available with lockable drawers or doors to store confidential documents safely. 

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Move your desk from sit to stand without spilling a drop of coffee. Our compact desks are ideal for working from home, and you donʼt have to miss out on the LEUWICO innovative ergonomic features. The smooth manual height adjustment function moves your workspace from sit to stand in seconds without upsetting the items on your desk. The MIA desk can even be fitted with wheels for extra flexibility.
Younger family members can also benefit from ergonomic furniture that is scaled down to suit their size but grows with them. The ability to tilt the desk makes it more comfortable for drawing and painting.

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For smaller spaces, and high-focus tasks
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Screened areas for more peace and quiet

Sometimes you need to escape the shared office space and retreat to a quieter room - for confidential or extended calls, when working on a task that requires high concentration, to complete a follow-up task for a working group, or to avoid disturbing your colleagues (and to protect their privacy) when on a video call. All
these situations require a separate room with a closed door where you can work in peace.

When you move to a new workspace, you donʼt want to spend time setting it up – walk in, sit down, adjust your desk and chair, plug in your laptop, and then start work. You can even transfer stationery and personal items in our nifty little toolboxes, designed for hotdesking. 

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Our desks provide the technical features you need, from openings for cables to connect to external monitors, to integrated docking stations. Improve the quality of video calls and webinars with panels to improve the acoustics in the room. 


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Improve your
acoustic ergonomics


Work areas for visitors

Provide your guests with a restful and professional space to wait and work, whether they are an internal visitor from another division or an external partner or customer. With internet and electrical connections, they can catch up on their emails or prepare for a meeting or presentation.

Choose from various options, from regular desks to high desks, or even a lounge set with charging outlets. Improve the space with acoustic panels and provide storage for coats, jackets, and luggage.

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Small rooms for highly focused tasks
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Stay flexible

With the rise in freelance workers and employees working from home, shared office space has become increasingly popular. Companies often rent shared spaces in metropolitan areas for employees who live too far from the company HQ to commute daily, but need professional meeting rooms.

Enable your employees to escape from their homes and use a shared work café to spark creativity and network with others.

The task determines the working space, with a choice between individual rooms with desks for one or two people, communal working spaces with a café atmosphere, or even larger meeting rooms for workshops or presentations. LEUWICO furniture is perfectly designed for every situation. Available in a range of styles, with flexible solutions that can be adapted for use in other locations at a later date. Additional products are available, such as lockable cupboards for luggage, acoustic solutions, lounge furniture, and café / dining solutions.

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Improve your acoustic ergonomics
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Quality you can rely on - our products are manufactured almost entirely in our German factory.



A sustainable workplace is designed with replaceable and recyclable parts, and durable and sustainable raw materials, and manufactured with an optimized production process.



Keep moving at work and prevent back pain - with our patented manual quick adjustment.


We deliver holistic solutions
Furnish your (home) office in style with perfectly coordinated furniture. Mobile pedestals store stationery or your most needed files right next to your desk. If you need more space, choose from our range of matching shelving and filing units, which can be locked for storing confidential documents.

We can also provide professional lighting and acoustic solutions for regular online video meetings or to enable conference or webinar streaming from home. 

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Take a stroll through our bright and airy virtual showroom to see activity-based working in a real-life setting.

Find out how LEUWICO furniture fits in every design style – from brutalist concrete spaces to mirror and steel design palaces, and even in traditional, wood-paneled sanctuaries.

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